A Real Log Cabin at a Competitive Price


The Creekside Cabin

Size: 18′ to 20′ x 26′ to 28′ with 6′ side porch and 4′ covered entrance (custom sizes available)

1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living area, mechanical room and 6′ porch.
Roof pitch approx. 5:12

Description (for recreational use only)

Log frame: Consisting of milled 3”x 6” tongue & grove (T&G) exterior and interior log walls with saddle notch connections and special log screws to secure logs. Includes: ridge beam, timber beams, posts (c/w post bases) for side porch and covered entry.
Electrical receptacles are available at an extra cost.

Roof system : Consisting of 2”x 12” precut rafters, fascia boards, trim, sheet metal roofing, R-22 fiberglass insulation, 3/8” plywood as inside ceiling, vapor barrier, roofing felt and miscellaneous screws and nails.
Other R-values and 1×6 T&G ceiling boards are available upon request.   

Door and windows:  One steel insulated man door for the entrance and six vinyl sliding windows with mosquito screen. Doors and windows come with outside and inside trim and miscellaneous screws and nails.
Interior doors and patio door are not included. 

Second wall system: We can provide this system for the outside walls with an R-14 or R-22 fiberglass insulation value.    (Details: Insulated Wall System)

Wood floor/Foundation: We can provide the layout plan and specifications for the wood floor.  Concrete pillars/pads, cast in place concrete footings or metal screws must be installed by the customer according to our plans.

Engineered plans are available for an extra fee.

Price 2023* (+5% GST)
Prices do not include Delivery or Setup

18’ x 26’ 

Log frame:  $ CDN 45,900.00
Roof System: $ CDN   13,700.00
1 Door, 6 windows:  $ CDN   5,850.00

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

20’ x 28’

Log frame: $ CDN 52,800.00
Roof System: $ CDN 15,000.00
1 Door, 6 windows: $ CDN 5,850.00


Recreational Properties, Hunting, Fishing, Resorts, Remote Locations