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We offer this log cabin style from single room cabins (14’x 16’ up to 18’x 20’), to cabins with loft and porch and an L-Shape design. 

All our cabins are hand crafted and milled from the full spruce log. Floor plans and door and window placements can be customized to individual needs. The logs are milled to 4”x8+ ½” then planed down to 3+7/8” x 8” with tongue & groove. All cabin log corners are dovetailed. Each log is bolted down with special log screws for a tight fit. To ensure structural stiffness, 2 x4 studs are installed for the door and window cutouts.

Our cabins are pre-assembled to make sure every log and connection fits into place, then disassembled and numbered before shipping or delivery.     

LOG FRAME: Consisting of 4”x 8” tongue & grove logs with dove tail corners, ridge beam, knee braces for the front gable end and roof overhang, special log screws to secure logs, and 2x4 boards for door and window cutouts.

ROOF SYSTEM: Consisting of 2”x 8” precut rafters (2"x6" for smaller cabins), 3/8” plywood on inside as sealing, fascia boards, trim, sheet metal roofing, R20 insulation and miscellaneous screws and nails.

DOOR AND WINDOWS: Steel insulated man door with glass insert, vinyl sliding windows with mosquito screen, outside and inside trim for door and windows and miscellaneous screws and nails.

WOOD FLOOR: Consisting of 2”x 8” joists on 16” centers, head boards, three or more 6”x 6” beams to support the joists, ¾” t&g plywood and miscellaneous screws and nails.

FOUNDATION: Pillars or sonar tubes to be installed by the customer according to our plans.

The assembly of the cabin takes about 3-9 days, depending on the cabin size. We offer set-up assistance with our crew, in cooperation with local help, provided by the customer.

We offer delivery in Northwestern Canada. Please inquire about our rates.

All other destinations (e.g. USA) require a shipping company. Approx. rates are available upon request.  Turnaround time is approx. 7-11 weeks from the day of order and received deposit, depending on already confirmed orders.  


Magazine Article

In the fall of 2014, BC Log Cabins supplied a pre-manufactured cabin to the Kitimat Snowmobile and Hiker's Club to be used as a warming hut and emergency shelter on Robinson Ridge a frequently accessed but remote snowmobiling paradise. The cabin is a dove-tailed 16 x 20 feet with a 16x8 foot covered deck and a 10x16 foot loft and outfitted with wood heat, solar-powered lighting and propane cook facilities. This cabin has been featured in several newspapers and facebook posts and was a special feature in the Winter 2015 issue of Mountain Sledder Magazine.

Click here to read the magazine online. Click here to visit the Instagram page with photos.



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Single Room Cabin with 6 foot Roof Overhang - 4 sizes

Single Room Cabin with loft, ladder and 8 ft roof overhang

L-Shape Cabin with loft, ladder, porch and 8 ft roof overhang

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