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We are sorry but we no longer offer the Dovetailed Cabin Designs due to the recent changes in the building code regulations as detailed below:


Effective December 19, 2014, the National Building Code introduced NEW energy efficiency requirements for houses and small buildings (Part 9). These are NEW standards applying to log houses and log cabins.

The change in the building code demands an R-20 plus insulation value for outside log walls for any log structure (houses, cabins and cottages).

Wood has about an R-1 to R-1.2 insulation value per 1 inch wall thickness. In order to comply with the demands of Section 9.36 of the Building Code we introduced an insulated double wall system for our Saddle Notch style log cabins which lets us meet and even exceed the R-20 requirement.


The Dovetail Cabins cannot be constructed in such a way that they will meet the new building codes so we have decided to concentrate on our Saddle Notch Cabin Designs.

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View Plans for Single Room Log Cabin

Single Room Cabin with 6 foot Roof Overhang - 4 sizes

Single Room Cabin with loft, ladder and 8 ft roof overhang

L-Shape Cabin with loft, ladder, porch and 8 ft roof overhang

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