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New - North Country Cabin

North Country CabinOur newest cabin added for 2017 is the 24'x25' North Country Cabin featuring 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, large open combined kitchen and living area and 6' wrap around porch. Also features loft style storage area with ladder access under a steeply pitched 7:12 roof which creates a nice vaulted ceiling for the main living area. Click on image to view plans.


We offer log cabins from 200 square feet up to 850 plus square feet with or without a loft.

LOG FRAME: The log cabins are built from dried 3”x 6” milled double tongue & groove (t&g) spruce logs. The saddle notches are cut by our log notching machine, which ensures a precise and tight fit for every connection. We craft a double wall system, with an R-20 insulation filling in between, which will reach a total R-25 insulation value for the outside walls.

This method will meet and even exceed the new energy efficiency requirements of the National Building Code.

Double Wall DesignFind out more about the new rules and how our Saddle Notch design combined with insulated double walls will ensure your new cabin will comply with current building codes. Download PDF.


Saddle Notch Style Details - Click on the images for larger version

Saddle Notch StyleSaddle Notch StyleSaddle Notch Style


Each log row is secured with special log screws. Door and window cutouts are all routed out to fit a 2”x 2” board for stiffening up the openings.


ROOF SYSTEM: We can offer the roof system for small cabins only (up to 350 square feet), and for locations where a building permit is not required. Please ask us about details.

DOORS AND WINDOWS: We can offer to install the doors and windows for small cabins only (up to 350 square feet), and for locations where a building permit is not required. Please ask us about details.

We can provide detailed plans for the foundation (pillars) and wood floor including the joist layout. The assembly of the cabin takes about 3 – 9 days, depending on the cabin size. We offer set-up assistance with our crew, in cooperation with local help, provided by the customer.

We offer delivery in Northwestern Canada. Please inquire about our rates. All other destinations require a shipping company. Approx. rates are available upon request. Turnaround time is approx. 7 – 11 weeks from the day of order and received deposit, depending on already confirmed orders. Engineered cabin plans are available for an extra fee.

See pricelists for each cabin design.



View Plans for North Country  Cabin

North Country Cabin 2 Bedrooms, Bathroom, Living

View Plans for Chief Lake Cabin

Chief Lake Cabin 2 Bedrooms, Living Area, Loft and Porch.

View Plans for L-Shape Cabin

L-Shape Cabin 1 bedroom, 1 bath, great living area, plus loft with log stair and 8’ porch

View Plans for Single Room cabin with loft

Single Room Cabin loft & ladder, 8' porch

View Plans for Tofino Resort Cabin

Tofino Resort Cabin 1 bedroom, 1 bath, living area, mechanical room and 6’ porch

View Plans for Dome Creek Cabin

Dome Creek Cabin 2 Bedrooms, Living Area and porch

View Plans for Goose Bay Cabin

Goose Bay Cabin 1 bedroom, living area and 6’ porch

View Plans for Yellowhead Cabin

Single Room Cabin Living area
and 6' porch, one door, up to 4 windows

View Plans for Shower House Cabin

Shower House Cabin separate Ladies and Gents entrance and laundry on each side; comes with side porch


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