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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your cabin kits?

Our cabin packages can be ordered as a complete kit for small cabins only (up to 350 square feet) and for locations where a building permit is not required. The kit includes the log frame, roof system, doors, windows and the wood floor.

Can we customize the cabin floor plan?

Yes. Our cabins are custom built. The floor plans in this website are samples and can be changed to the customer's needs.

Do you take care of the building permit?

No. We can supply engineered cabin plans for the building permit for an additional fee. The customer needs a local general contractor to submit the plans to the Regional District. A local general contractor is also required for the foundation, roof, doors and windows, as well as the electrical, plumbing and finishing work. We deliver and set up the log frame only.

What snow load are your cabins designed for?

Our cabins are designed for the snow loads in Western Canada. The customer needs to let us know if a higher than normal snow load is to be expected at the cabin location.

Do you construct the cabin components before they are delivered to the site?

Yes. The logs are milled, cut and pre assembled in our shop. While the cabin frame is taken apart, components are marked and each log is numbered, and then stored for shipping.

Do you deliver the cabin to the building site?

Yes. We deliver our cabins in BC and to neighboring provinces with our own trucks. Please contact us for rates, which depend on the location, size and style of the cabin. Delivery to other destinations in Canada, the USA and Asia will be done by a commercial shipping company. Please inquire about approx. rates.

Do you setup the cabin at the building site?

Yes. We can assist a "do-it-yourself" customer and his helpers with our team, or assemble the cabin with our own work crew. Please inquire about the rates, since they depend upon destination, size of cabin, number of workers etc.

How long does it take to build the cabin?

It takes about 7 – 11 weeks from the order confirmation and received first deposit to the delivery day. The setup of the cabin, depending on size and style, takes another 4-10 days.

Are there finishing options available?

No. We recommend to hire local contractors for the foundation and finishing work like siding, staining, electric, plumbing etc.

Do you have prefabricated cabin kits in stock?

No, we don't, for the following reasons:
If the logs are manufactured and stored for a period of time, without assembling and fastening each log row with the other, the logs will warp and twist. A later assembly of the cabin will be difficult and may result in gaps in the walls, due to the twisted logs.
Aside from our suggested floor plans, customers have ideas about their own cabin layout and placement and size of the door and windows. Therefore every cabin is customized.



Hi Dirk,

Really like the cabin and it is worth it to spend the time doing things right. Really nice summer. You may have some customers here on Arrow Lake as we have lots of admirers.


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